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Eric Patton

I have been an avid outdoorsman all my life. I have hunted and fished most of the Eastern United States for over three decades. During my tenure as a hunter, I have taken most every North American game animal with either a rifle or bow.Smaller game animals I have taken too many to count. I hunt duck, rabbit, dove, and squirrel every season and take a number of coyote each year which are open season in my area. I greatly miss the quail seasons of my youth but they have all but disappeared across the regions that I commonly hunt.I have lost count of the turkey I have taken, usually with a bow but occasionally with a shotgun. The largest of which was 19lbs taken in 1999 with a shotgun. Generally, I don’t bother to weigh my turkey. I prefer a younger, smaller bird for eating anyway.I have taken dozens of deer, the largest of which was a buck weighing about a 145lbs with a recurve bow on the stalk. His rack measured 135” on a 9-point. This was dwarfed by my two elk kills, the bull of which topped out just under 700 lbs. Both elk were taken with a rifle.I have also taken hog and bear on several occasions with both rifle and bow and big horned sheep with bow only.For the last 15 years I have engaged heavily in shooting competitions in various disciplines including traditional archery, handgun, and long-range rifle. I have shot in Glock shooting sports competitions, USPSA, and with the Civilian Marksmanship Program.I no longer have the desire to compete at a high level but satisfy myself with competing at local and regional competitions as time permits, generally placing well enough that I am not ashamed of my results.My longest shot on target was 886 meters in 2014 with a Remington 700 chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. While I enjoyed that time, I now am more than satisfied in competing with .22 rifles at 100 yards using a custom built Volquartsen 10/22.In other areas of my life, I am a search and rescue team member in two states and teach outdoor skills and land navigation. I am currently pursuing the dying art of man-tracking as a hobby and an asset to my SAR teams.I can often be found wondering the woods of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. Sometimes I am hunting and sometimes I am just there to get away from the drag of daily life.I am a professional cartographer by trade and currently work in that field along with my writing work.Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have found what you are looking for.

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Eric Kelly 

I am a lifelong, avid naturalist, permaculture practitioner, and outdoorsman. Inspired at a young age by books such as Tom Brown and Foxfire Series and loaded with field guides and the freedom to roam gave me the youth some can only dream of today.I enjoy being outdoors and writing about experiences and observations as well as instructional information to share with others. I recently decided to pursue both, full time and now live and travel on a 36’ RV, visiting public lands to hunt, fish, forage, and exploring the wonders of the outdoors.

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