Best Scope For 300 Blackout – Top 11 Reviews and Rating

The .300 AAC Blackout is a trendy centerfire rifle caliber capable of shooting subsonic or supersonic loads. Besides military applications, 300 BLK meets perfectly hog hunters’ demands, primarily when chambered in AR-platform rifles.

Since the 300 AAC Blackout has an effective range of around 500 yards, it pairs well with red dots, reflex sites, LPVO (Low Powered Variable Optics) and anything else offering a good field of view at 1x.

In that context, we haven’t focused only on optics that use magnification but also covered red dots and prism sights and even thermal imaging devices.

Best Scope for 300 Blackout

  1   Monstrum G2 1-6×24

Currently, one of the trendy sporting optics belongs to the G2 line built by Monstrum Tactical Optics. The G2 is an updated version of Monstrum’s highly popular entry-level low variable scopes that match the 300 AAC Blackout caliber.

The Monstrum G2 line features a functional set of performance standards needed for 300 Blackout firearms, such as the first focal plane rangefinder reticle and an adjustable objective (A.O.) lens.

The FFP reticle gives you easy-to-read ranging information while it offers red and green illumination with multiple brightness intensities.

Magnification range of 1-6x and full multi-layer lens coating will provide you an accurate shot at mid to long-range big game at distances of up to 400+ yards.

This feather-weight scope has an eye relief of 4-4.5 inches, depending on magnification.

Weighing just one pound, Monstrum G2 1-6×24 rifle scope combines an aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum construction with a 30mm main tube for durability and rough use.

  2   Lucid Prismatic Weapon Scope

Compared to legendary ACOG, the Lucid Optics 4x Combat Optic is a budget-friendly rifle scope that does not compromise features. Like the proven Trijicon ACOG, LUCID Optics P7 is a 4x prismatic weapon scope with real-world usability.

The Lucid 4x Combat Optic is designed for use on the AR-15 rifle platform in short to medium range applications.

The main selling feature of this all-around scope is the Lucid P7 reticle, allowing you to fast target with a highly useful ballistic yet simple MOA measuring tape. The P7 reticle consists of a dot surrounded by an 8 MOA circle, with bullet drop lines set 8MOA apart to provide reliable and fast target acquisition.

The reticle illumination features seven brightness settings and an auto-brightness sensor for automatic adjustments. Besides, it is available in red or blue and is powered by an A.A. battery that provides up to 2,500 hours of “on target” use.

This style of scope successfully combines a 30mm objective bell with FBMC multi-coated lenses to deliver sharp, crisp image resolution.

Like other combat optics, this prismatic scope sports 4x fixed magnification is packed in a robust body made of 6062 aluminum with a rubberized surface.

  3   Eotech XPS2

Though often designated as red dot sighs, technically, the XPS2-0 from EOTech Optics is a holographic sight.

As the most miniature optic from the Eotech family, the XPS2-0 is based on the classic Eotech square lens design.

With a sizeable 1.20″ x 0.85 inches window, the XPS2 offers more head placement flexibility than traditional tube-style red dots.

Featuring robust construction, unlimited eye relief, and a comprehensive sight picture, the XPS2 is intended to be used for military and police applications, particularly for close quarters.

In comparison to classic red dots, the Eotech boasts a reticle designed to be dual purpose.

The 65 MOA outer red circle reticle is designed for fast target acquisition, while the internal, smaller, 1 MOA red dot in the middle will enable you to make precision shots.

At only 8oz, this lightweight holographic sight is powered by a single 123 lithium battery with an average battery life of roughly 500-600 hours at brightness level 12.

The EOTech XPS2 utilizes a protective aluminum hood around the lens. Although this small sight would occupy less rail space, making it perfect for carbines and submachine guns, the optic is durable and can withstand any home and self-defense rifles’ powerful recoil.

  4   Primary Arms Silver Series

The Silver optics line belongs to Primary Arms’ mid-range series of products and offers excellent value for money.

Primary Arms Silver Series sports the P.A. famous Advanced Combined Sighting System or for short ACSS reticle. This 1-6×24 scope comes equipped with caliber specific ACSS reticle designed for 300AAC Blackout caliber.

The innovative and illuminated two-part reticle is great for both supersonic and subsonic loads, enabling you to react fast from 0 to 300 yards and very accurate from 400 to 800 yards. The reticle is set in the (SFP), second focal plane, while the illumination system has 11 brightness settings with bright daylight Illumination.

Primary Arms Silver 1-6x is the third generation of the 1–6×24 that boasts a 30mm main body made of durable 6063 aluminum and standard, capped hunting turrets extensive internal adjustment range of 140 MOAs.

As one of the most affordable 1-6x LPVO scopes, Primary Arms Silver Series is not on par with high-class brands, but it is a worthy scope for all skill levels.

  5   Trijicon ACOG

Trijicon’s ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) scope is crème de la crème for rifles chambered in 300 Blackout.

It is a fixed power compact rifle scope that comes in many magnification levels, but our model is classic 4x32mm.

You can say this scope configuration is specifically designed and purpose-built for the AAC 300 to provide rapid deployment and tight groupings at medium range.

The most notable feature is the Trijicon proprietary BDC .300 Ballistic reticle with tritium/fiber optic illumination for bright to low/no light scenarios. Another selling point is a multi-coated lens system configuration designed to deliver an astoundingly bright field of view and a crystal clear 4x optical performance.

Since military people and professionals highly trust the Trijicon’s ACOG, it consists of a forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum-scope body that provides a nearly indestructible sighting system.

While it comes with a pretty high price tag, don’t forget that Trijicon’s ACOG is an official weapon sight for both U.S. Special Operations Forces and the Marine Corps.

  6   EOTech HHS-I Holo-Sight I w/ EXPS3-4

The versatility of the 300 Blackout platform enables using this potent cartridge with an array of scope sights. Besides traditional rifle scopes, the 300 Blackout would be the perfect match for reflex sights such as EXPS3-4, a holographic sight from Eotech.

Actually, this proposal includes EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Hybrid Sight, a G33 Magnifier HHS-1 and a quick switch-to-side (STS) mount.

Currently, the EXPS3-4 is EOTech’s flagship line of holographic sights and choice of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

This versatile red dot and magnifier combo encompasses an ultimate level of versatility at the flick of your Q.D. mount.

As with other Eotech HWS, Eotech Holographic Hybrid Sight is capable of incredibly fast target acquisition, but when used with an EOTech G33 Magnifier, this standard close-quarter tactical sight will become a potent weapon sight allowing you great precision out to 600 yards.

The EXPS3-4 employs a 65 MOA circle with four 1 MOA dots and attaches to the rifles via an adjustable, locking quick-detach system. The G33 Magnifier features an improved Quick Switch to Side (STS) mount,

Like other Eotech HWS, the EXPS3-4 I powered by a transversely mounted lithium 123 battery, and it is compatible with a wide variety of night vision equipment.

  7   Nikon P-Tactical 300BLK 2-7×32 Super-Sub

Another optics created explicitly for an AAC 300 Blackout round comes from Nikon’s famous P-Tactical family.

Nikon 2-7×32mm is one of the most versatile scopes from the P-TACTICAL line, as its 3x magnification range provides you wide field of view at the low end 2x, whereas the 7x zoom at the high end offers a detailed image to satisfy most shooting demands.

As above said, the scope comes with a BDC SuperSub reticle that matches the ballistic of your preferred caliber, in this case to 300 ACC Blackout round with 115gr bullet at 2,280fps.

Like most Nikon’s optics, it can be optimized with Spot On Ballistic Technology.

This dedicated caliber model scope features a SuperSub reticle with unique open circle aiming points with additional hash marks from 100 to 600 yards.

The scope sports fully multi-coated lenses for excellent light transmission and maximum brightness in low light conditions.

Nikon P-TACTICAL 2-7×32 has exposed windage and elevation turrets which are spring-loaded, so they can be reset to ‘zero’ after sighting-in.

Like all scopes from the Tactical line, this one is based on a one-inch main tube, O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for entire reliability against thermal shock.

  8   Primary Arms Gen III 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope

One of the best wide-angled scopes that comes with a reticle optimized for the 300 Blackout caliber is a Primary Arms Gen III 1-6x24mm rifle scope.

As a Gen III, the Primary Arms 1-6×24 SFP scope is shorter, lighter, and offers larger internal adjustment than the older model.

This 1-6x scope sports an ACSS 300BLK/7.62×39 two-part reticle with integrated bullet drop compensation, wind holds, moving target leads and range estimation.

The ACSS Standard reticle for 300BLK7.62 has a partial red illumination and features 11 brightness settings.

The Primary Arms 1-6×24 second focal plane scope features a true 1x power that will let you easily shoot with both eyes open.

The scope has a 30mm main tube machined of a 6063-aluminum, while the scope body is shockproof and O-ring sealed to be IP67 waterproof and fog-resistant.

This rifle scope provides you an instinctive and very accurate sighting system at a very reasonable price tag.

With a price range under $300, the Primary Arms 1-6×24 Gen III rifle scope is one of the best offers on the market.

  9   Aimpoint PRO

There is no complete list for 300 Blackout platforms without some of the reputable Aimpoint red dot sights. Aimpoint Pro is a high-quality non-magnifying red dot reflex sight designed to provide reliability and durability in a real-world situation.

Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex sight is designed to military standards, but gun enthusiasts and hog hunters significantly favor it since it is friendly with night vision devices.

While compatible with most night vision devices, the Aimpoint Pro has 2 MOA dot and 6 daylight settings.

PRO battery life is quite reliable, with battery life measured in terms of years instead of hours.

The Aimpoint Pro reflex sight boasts 30,000 hours on power setting level 7 or 3 years.

This tube-style red dot sight features a rugged 30mm tube made of hard-anodized aluminum alloy. The Aimpoint PRO housing weighs only 7.8 ounces, but it has a water-resistant feature down to 150ft, and it can take some severe beatings because of its over-engineered build quality.

 10  Primary Arms Compact

Along with traditional scope lines, Primary Arms has released a fixed 3x magnification Prism scope.

This trim GEN II scope comes with a removable top mount MIL-STD-1913 rail that you can remove for lower height applications.

Besides the modular base, another key feature of the Gen II 3x Prism Scope is the famous Primary Arms ACSS (Advanced Combined Sighting System) patented reticle.

The Primary Arms offers its 3x Compact Prism Scope with caliber specific reticles dubbed ACSS 7.62X39/300BO CQB reticle designed for 220 grain subsonic 300 Blackout loads. The etched, two-part reticle combines quick ranging, wind holds, moving target leads, and BDC out to an impressive 600 yards.

This illuminated reticle is powered by a common CR2032 battery and boasts 12 brightness settings for enhanced visibility in fading light.

The PAC3X Gen II comprises 6063 aluminum, while the scope body is nitrogen purged, IP67 waterproof and fog-resistant.

Predominantly intended for use on both AK-47 and AR-15 platforms, the Primary Arms 3x32mm Compact Scope is a lightweight, all-around optic that can do it all.

 11  ATN ThOR 4 384 1.25-5x Thermal Smart H.D. Rifle Scope

The best thermal riflescope for the money and great entry-level thermal rifle scope comes from the ATN, one of the industry’s most prominent companies.

Unlike the older ThOR H.D. scopes, the Thor 4 series is powered by Obsidian IV Dual Core with a 60Hz refresh rate for long-range performance. The new integral computer in these upgraded devices enables higher thermal sensitivity and improved contrasts and resolution.

The ATN Thor 4 series includes various options to choose from the thermal resolutions, and this ATN ThOR 4 1.25-5x Thermal Vision Smart H.D. Rifle scope has a 384×288 Sensor.

With this sensor, you will get some impressive detection ranges. It means you will detect human size target at 750 yards and make recognition at 335 yards.

While the ThOR 4 384 looks and feels like the traditional optic with 30mm mounting rings, it boasts an impressive list of features for a relatively affordable thermal imaging device.

The new ATN ThOR 4 Smart Thermal Riflescope comes with a standard 4-button layout on top for easy and intuitive control, as well as the zoom knob/scroll wheel on the side.

ATN ThOR 4 384 has a “One Shot Zero” feature, a valuable tool for a more straightforward scope sighting process.

The ATN ThOR 4 brings a ballistic calculator, smart mil-dot reticle, and an integrated laser range finder. The new additional features are video that records and streams at the same time via WiFi and 16 hours of battery life.

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