Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binocular 2021

Every avid outdoorsman has heard of Bushnell. Their optics were legendary long before they ever thought up the Legend series. What they have done with these binoculars is pushed everything past the extreme to the most amazing binoculars they have ever made.

Bushnell has been around for ages and have pretty much perfected the art of optical quality.  From their Rifle scopes to their spotting scopes, you know you are getting quality every time.  When they decide to produce their best yet, well they don’t mess around.

Everything from the housing to the glass has been reimagined and pushed to the limits. This is what it takes to make a Legend when you are already producing such great products.  It is no easy feat for any company but Bushnell has pulled it off with flying colors.

Everything about these binoculars is just right.  Any small details that have fallen under par for such a great product are purely the side effect of making something else better.  Even then, there are really no weak links, just pure quality.

No matter your outdoor pursuit, these binoculars should appeal to you.  With amazing power, ergonomics, and durability, they perform every task well.  These are a product that any outdoorsman will love and use for the rest of their lives.

How Good are They?

Well, you always start with the glass.  It doesn’t matter how good anything else is if they aren’t good as a pair of binoculars.  The Legend Ultras are as good as they sound.  The lenses are of amazing quality and crystal clear, easily on par with any of the best companies out there.

The ED Prime glass used by Bushnell is sure to be top notch.  The glass itself in the Legend series is the same high quality that they have produced for years.  The overall effect is amazing light transmission with superb clarity and brightness.

Those traits are only improved by the multicoat technology used by Bushnell.  This maximizes color transmission and improves light quality to achieve the best possible image.  Everything seen through the Bushnell Legend Ultras is vibrant, bright, and high contrast.

Even the housing is an enhancement over their usual quality.  The shape, feel, and texture are all spot on to provide you the maximum comfort of use and a solid grip to keep they where you want them.  They have a softer feel than you would expect that almost sticks to the hand and makes scanning a breeze.

Not only do you want a pair of binoculars to be high-quality, you want them to last.  A good pair is an investment and should prove the test of time.  This is a difficult feat for something designed to be used outdoors in any weather and conditions.

To kick this off, Bushnell has sealed their internals to keep all of the worst conditions on the outside.  This makes them water and fog proof beyond reason.  You will have no condensation issues and any dust or particulates are permanently sealed out.

The Legend Ultra is also rugged with is armored exterior.  Any of the usual abuses that you gear may take won’t phase them.  I wouldn’t want to throw them around or bang them on rocks but for any of the normal bangs they may get, they will hold up very well.

Small and light enough for carry anywhere, these compact binoculars can be a constant companion.  Just in case you want something to spot that distant deer or just take in the scenery.  Having something like this to hand will only increase how useful they become.  You will find yourself reaching for them more often than you think.

What are the Negatives?

The list of negatives for any Bushnell product will be short.  More so with their Legend series.  You don’t set out to make the best and leave anything on the table that could have made your product better.  That would be unthinkable.

The main downside of these binoculars if they have one is the slightly bulky size.  They are a little large for a pocket and weigh better than a pound and a half.  While this doesn’t limit carrying them too much, you will need something more than a cargo pocket.

Th neck lanyard will work for carry and doesn’t cause any issues, it is just no the preference.  You may be able to fit these in large pockets but not like some of the smallest binoculars.  It is a minor inconvenience but one worth noting.

The Final Word

For the absolute best you can get for a price that most anyone can afford, these are some solid and superb quality binoculars.  They have a lot of value and will last you a lifetime and probably more.  With some care, you could pass these on to your kids.

These are a great everyday binocular for keeping in the truck or in a pack.  You never know when you may want or need them.  Whatever you want them for you can be sure they will perform up to your expectations.

You shouldn’t be surprised from a company with the reputation of Bushnell.  Most of us have probably used their scopes and other optics for years.  Why should you expect anything different from their binoculars?  If you are in the market, you could do a whole lot worse than the Bushnell Legend Ultra.


I have been an avid outdoorsman all my life. I have hunted and fished most of the Eastern United States for over three decades. During my tenure as a hunter, I have taken most every North American game animal with either a rifle or bow.Smaller game animals I have taken too many to count. I hunt duck, rabbit, dove, and squirrel every season and take a number of coyote each year which are open season in my area. I greatly miss the quail seasons of my youth but they have all but disappeared across the regions that I commonly hunt.

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